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LifeWeaving Books

Two books with the latest LifeWeaving information and a reference manual that covers all material found on the three LifeWeaving Charts . . . Read more >

  • Advanced Dowsing with the LifeWeaving System
  • Reference Guide for the LifeWeaving Dowsing Charts

LifeWeaving Charts

LifeWeaving is a dowsing method that allows you to clear karmic programs and problematic emotional blocks that have been with you . . .  Read more>

  • Power LifeWeaving
  • LifeWeaving Research
  • PRSM Diagnosis

Tiny Ayni Book Series

The Tiny Ayni Book Series are pocket size books offering a variety of concise mini-courses or topics of interest designed to make you more>

  • Connecting to Your Spirit Guides
  • The Pendulum Primer
  • Discover Your Intuitive Self
  • Acupressure First Aid and Emergency Herbal Remedies
  • Pigs - Angels of Joy

Tiny Ayni E-Books

Expanded and Revised
  • Acupressure First Aid and Emergency Herbal Remedies
  • Discover Your Intuitive Self

Chinese Medicine

Learn specific herbal formulas and acupuncture treatments to various conditions that occur as we age . . . read more>

  • Chinese Medicine for Aging Eyes
  • Ocular Diagnosis and Periocular Acupuncture


Miscellaneous Laminated Charts

For the jet traveler we offer an acupressure chart for stopping jet lag as well as other miscellaneous . . . Read more>

  • Stop Jet Lag Acupressure Chart
  • Food and Color Options/Connecting to Your Spirit Guides

More Pendulum Books

Take your pendulum skills from basic to intermediate level using the Be Clear Now! clearing chart . . . read more>

Spiritual Books

Check out Brian T Robert's I AM Presence Diamond Heart Energy Activation Workbook . . . Read more>

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