A b o u t C a r o l e

Carole Conlon loves writing, art and graphic design.

She began her art career at a business forms company long before the graphic design computer software we have now was available. Carole also had a career in the health care industry as a medical technologist and later, as a licensed acupuncturist.

With her background, Carole is able to create cards, labels, forms and newsletters - both flat printed and electronic - for small businesses of any kind but especially those medically orientated.

As a result of her secondary interest in health and dowsing, Carole began writing and creating intricate dowsing charts for the clearing system she calls LifeWeaving. The need for manuals to explain the system opened her up to the world of self-publishing. Check out Carole's author page at Amazon.com. Carole has also helped other new authors publish through editing, formatting, creative covers and hand-holding when needed.

Creating dowsing charts is a specialty but Carole enjoys the artistic challenge of most projects.

And, oh yes, Carole also likes dragons!

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